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Thanks to Our Supporters

We are very blessed and grateful to the 300-plus individual supporters of Mary’s Choices.
We are also grateful to:

  • Chuck Sullivan has been a special benefactor and provides yearly grants for start-up and operation costs.
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church Foundation has been a key supporter and provides monthly grants for start-up and operating costs.
  • The Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas Pro-Life Office provides yearly grants for start-up and operating costs.
  • Ben Schmitz and Schmitz Construction Inc. designed and remodeled the interior of our new building.
  • JB Turner and Sons provided the new roof and guttering.
  • Anonymous donor provided supplies for the new roof and gutters.
  • Mark Appelhanz installed and finished drywall in our new building.
  • Danny Newport provided our new personalized awning.
  • Lisa Hebert donates weekly accounting services.
  • J.F. McGivern provides monthly support and donated remodeling supplies and provided staining of the new doors.
  • Jenny VanLeeuwen donates marketing services.
  • Kathy O’Hara and Carpet Plus provided carpeting.
  • Knights of Columbus provided our sonogram machine as well as ongoing supplies and funds for the baby store.
  • Local Church Support:
    • Christ the King
    • Mater Dei
    • Most Pure Heart of Mary
    • Mother Teresa of Calcutta
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe
    • Sacred Heart/St. Joseph
    • St. Aloysius
    • St. Matthew
    • St. Teresa
  • Other Special Supporters:
    • Jolene Miller
    • Sterbenz Family Foundation